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Welcome to our careers advice page where all your queries are hopefully addressed! The below are questions most frequently asked by our candidates and the type of responses we regularly provide.  However, you can also submit your own question, and if we feel it relevant for public consumption, we’ll post it here along with our advice.  If not, we’ll attempt to respond privately to you in a timely fashion.


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What’s the best way to prepare for an interview?

Preparation, preparation, preparation! First port of call is the website. If you are off to see an agency, ensure you are aware of the client portfolio and conduct some web research on those brands. Take a look to see what sort of social media activity those brands have been up to ask yourself how prominent you think they are compared to competitors…

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I’ve been in technology PR for a while but would love to try consumer. How can I go about changing sectors and avoid being pigeon holed?

It’s true that PR people tend to specialise as their career develops – after all clients are buying into industry sector expertise and media contacts. However, it’s never too late to try something new and moving from technology to consumer is a common question we get asked…

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I’m going for an interview and have been asked to take a portfolio of work.  What should I include and how should it be laid out?

You should always take a portfolio to an interview whether you’ve been asked for one or not as it’s a great tool to help you structure your interview.   A portfolio creates a focal point and ensures you keep on point.   Think about the roles you are interviewing for and include items in your portfolio that the potential new employer will be interested in…

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I need to resign but I’m scared my boss will go nuts! I want to remain good friends with my employer and avoid burning bridges, so what’s the best way to approach them?

Resigning is never pleasant but an honest, grown up conversation is the best way to approach this.  Firstly ensure you resign to the appropriate person! Next do it in person, not over the phone and never over email…

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I deserve a pay rise! I’ve exceeded all the objectives that were set at my last appraisal, however my boss hasn’t mentioned one and my formal salary review isn’t for another 6 months.  How should I approach my boss about this?

It certainly sounds like you deserve one!  It’s important to feel valued in your role.  Remember that feeling valued is rarely down to salary-alone.  However, if you feel strongly, draft a brief report or presentation outlining your original objectives and demonstrate how you have exceeded them with real-life examples…

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I’ve got a permanent job but am considering freelancing.  What are the pros and cons?

We would never advice someone to resign from a perm role to freelance simply because there is never a guarantee of regular work, particularly in this economic climate.  However, if your mind is made up then there are a few things you should consider…

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I’m being bullied at work but I am finding it hard to decide what to do about it.  Can you give me some ideas?

Consult your organisation’s bullying and harassment policy as this should give you a clear route of progress.  If your company doesn’t have a policy start by speaking to someone you feel comfortable talking to about your concerns…

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