I deserve a pay rise! I’ve exceeded all the objectives that were set at my last appraisal, however my boss hasn’t mentioned one and my formal salary review isn’t for another 6 months. How should I approach my boss about this?

It certainly sounds like you deserve one!  It’s important to feel valued in your role.  Remember that feeling valued is rarely down to salary-alone.  However, if you feel strongly, draft a brief report or presentation outlining your original objectives and demonstrate how you have exceeded them with real-life examples.  Ask for a meeting with your boss and take him/her through your work.  If your boss refuses your pay rise, make sure you ask why.  Your boss may interpret your meeting of the objectives differently and in which case you’ll need to work together to find a solution.  Equally, your boss may agree that you have met your objectives but provide you with a business reason to refuse your request.  There could be a million reasons for refusal, so you need to decide if you feel valued and if not, it’s probably a good time to consider a career move!

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