I need to resign but I’m scared my boss will go nuts! I want to remain good friends with my employer and avoid burning bridges, so what’s the best way to approach them?

Resigning is never pleasant but an honest, grown up conversation is the best way to approach this.  Firstly ensure you resign to the appropriate person! Next do it in person, not over the phone and never over email.  Compose a brief resignation letter informing of them of your choice to move on, that you’ve enjoyed working for the company and assure them you are aware of any contractual commitments.  During your meeting, remain professional, don’t cry or babble, be direct but firm.   Do tell your employer you have enjoyed working there and if appropriate highlight the positive things you’ll take away with you.   It might be tempting if your employer has been less than ideal, to point out their many failings, but avoid this at all costs as you never know who you’ll meet throughout your career!

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