I’m being bullied at work but I am finding it hard to decide what to do about it. Can you give me some ideas?

Consult your organisation’s bullying and harassment policy as this should give you a clear route of progress.  If your company doesn’t have a policy start by speaking to someone you feel comfortable talking to about your concerns.  This may be your manager, a colleague or a member of HR.  You could describe the behaviour you’ve been experiencing and get their opinion of whether it may constitute bullying or harassment.

Many issues can be resolved informally and with the support of a colleague or manager, approaching the person whom you believe is treating your unfairly or inappropriately. You could describe the unacceptable behaviour and explain how it makes you feel and how you would like it to change. It may be that the perpetrator does not realise their behaviour is upsetting, so they need to be given the chance to modify their actions.

Mediation by a neutral third party can often be helpful in resolving difficult issues such as bullying or harassment. There may be trained mediators within your organisation or contact http://www.acas.org.uk who may be able to provide such services.

However, if an informal resolution has not worked, follow a formal complaints procedure.

Lastly, if unresolved, you could try taking legal action.  It’s a complex process and both parties should take expert advice and legal representation.

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