I’m going for an interview and have been asked to take a portfolio of work. What should I include and how should it be laid out?

You should always take a portfolio to an interview whether you’ve been asked for one or not as it’s a great tool to help you structure your interview.   A portfolio creates a focal point and ensures you keep on point.   Think about the roles you are interviewing for and include items in your portfolio that the potential new employer will be interested in – try to make the portfolio relevant to them.  Ensure you include great national coverage, online coverage and one or two examples of writing.  Any marketing collateral, photography or images that you can include will bring the portfolio to life.  We are usually more animated and passionate about things that interest us, so make sure your first few examples of campaigns or clients are things you’ve genuinely enjoyed working on.  Keep the structure client specific rather than jumping around different pieces of coverage and keep launch work and on-going work separate.   If you are digitally savvy, create an online portfolio or website.

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