What’s the best way to prepare for an interview?

Preparation, preparation, preparation! First port of call is the website. If you are off to see an agency, ensure you are aware of the client portfolio and conduct some web research on those brands. Take a look to see what sort of social media activity those brands have been up to and ask yourself how prominent you think they are compared to competitors – start to form an opinion about the communications strategy and take those thoughts to the interview. If you’re off to see a company, make sure you’ve searched for the latest news either on its website or review press releases on PR Newswire / business pages. In an ideal world your recruiter will know their client well and will have briefed you properly, provided you with a job spec and given you insight to the culture, which in turn should give you some clues about how to dress. The very obvious points are: be on time, be upbeat, be up to date with the latest news and current affairs, be interested in them and their company, prepare questions and when you leave, tell them you are interested in the position. Good luck!

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