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  • humans

    Campaign of the month: Clever #Humans

    Jun 24, 15 • 2264 Views • • No Comments

    Judging by the chatter on social media we weren’t the only ones taken in by the ad for Persona Synthetics, which was actually a very clever campaign to launch the new Channel 4 drama series, Humans.  The tv ad, fake eBay listing of a ‘synth’ (buy it...

  • Freelance image

    PR Freelancing: does it rock? Or does it suck?

    Sep 19, 14 • 3219 Views • • No Comments

    We’ve always had a steady flow of freelance jobs but the freelance market seems to be picking up, and quickly!  So if you’re a talented PR freelancer looking for your next hot contract, give one of our team a call here or simply email your cv to us here...

  • CrazyPsychoBoss

    The real reasons why people leave PR agency jobs

    May 2, 14 • 4280 Views • • No Comments

    The average staff turnover at PR agencies is around 20%, which means one in five people will leave every year.  If you could choose which ones to lose then it might not be so bad, but you can’t, which leads to disruption for clients and additional pressure...

  • Launch Button

    Could YOU cut it at a hot new London PR agency?

    Feb 26, 14 • 6877 Views • • No Comments

    What is it about start-up London PR agencies that makes them so appealing? You might think joining one could be a risky move. Smaller and younger, with a shorter track record, it’s easy to see why long-established agencies might feel like a safer bet, even...

  • cat

    Why too many cats can spoil your PR career prospects

    Nov 14, 13 • 1877 Views • • No Comments

    We recently had a candidate who almost missed out on a plum role because his Instagram feed had too many pictures of cats.  Yes, it’s kind of funny but is it unfair?  Or is it reasonable when you consider how PRs need to work social media channels on...

  • MammingCamp

    Campaign of the Month: #Mamming for Breast Cancer Awareness

    Nov 4, 13 • 1207 Views • • No Comments

    You’ve seen planking, the popular meme which spread across the internet featuring people posing horizontally in various improbable locations. Since then you’ve seen owling, teapotting and even hadoukening, and now we have a new craze – mamming;...

  • MARA Finalist 240x120

    Workfish is a MARA Finalist!

    Sep 10, 13 • 981 Views • • No Comments

    How bloody exciting!  Workfish has been announced as a finalist in the Best Recruitment Website category for the Marketing Advertising Recruitment Awards (MARAs).  Well we’re just chuffed aren’t we and are looking forward to letting our hair...

  • Breaking-Bad-LEGO-Superlab-Playset-1

    Breaking Bad ‘LEGO’ Playset – I WANT ONE

    Aug 14, 13 • 1424 Views • • No Comments

    This is completely brilliant – I am a massive Breaking Bad fan and thanks to the brave souls at Citizen Brick you can now have your very own ‘LEGO’ playset for hours of pretend meth-making fun! The set (yes you can actually buy it!) comes...

  • wig

    No Wig Required!

    Aug 2, 13 • 1013 Views • • No Comments

    Workfish founder and director, our very own Lorraine Barker, has been appointed to the judging panel for this year’s Recruitment Business Awards.  Organised by modern marketing and media magazine The Drum, the awards are now in their 11th year and have...

  • potty

    Why the royal baby has been great for PR’s….

    Jul 24, 13 • 1019 Views • • No Comments

    Unless you’ve spent the last two weeks at a yoga retreat that bans all forms of electronic communication, you’ll be aware that our future King has been born.  It’s been a great couple of weeks for PRs in general, sniggering into their hands as the...