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Workfish now offers a dedicated freelance service

We are helping experienced PR professionals who are either between permanent jobs or are career freelancers to find their next freelance contracts. Workfish has a broad range of exciting short and longer term contracts available across a variety of PR sectors including consumer, corporate, technology and social media as well as niche sectors such as fashion, beauty, sport, food and drink.



So, you want to be a PR freelancer…

Ah, the freelance life! Working from home in your pyjamas, earning loads of money, days off whenever you feel like it…. Er, actually no, life as a freelancer is really quite different than this ideal, read more about freelancing here

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A guide to day rates

Below is a rough guide to freelance day rates based on level and experience. These rates are not set in stone and are very much dependent on your particular sector and which company or agency you are contracted to

Account Executive £80 – £110
Senior Account Executive £110 – £140
Account Manager £140 – £160
Senior Account Manager £160 – £180
Account Director £190 – £250
Senior Account Director £250 – £280
Associate Director £300+
Director £Price on request

To register your details with our freelance desk, get in touch in any of the following ways:

Send your cv to Lorraine or Jenny



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