PR Freelancing: the pros and cons

What it’s really like…

In the real world, you’ll probably be based at your client’s office, working normal office hours and expected to be on top form all the time – you’ll have to earn your day rate every single day. You’ll need to be a self-starter who can hit the ground running and add value from day one – you don’t get a settling in ‘but I’m new’ period, you have to deliver immediately. Not a job for wall flowers, you’ll need to be pretty much bullet proof in terms of confidence, able simply to walk in and get cracking. You’re unlikely to be offered training, formal career development or any kind of ‘nurturing’ – it’s all up to you now so if you like to be ‘looked after’, stay where you are.


And bend and stretch!

In terms of flexibility, most freelance contracts are for five days a week, i.e. full time, although we do get some part time or hours-based contracts. Some people (we don’t know how they do this!) work for three months and then take a month off, but this takes serious financial discipline and there’s no guarantee of a job when you get back.


Talk to Natalie!

Our PR freelancers like the flexibility and sense of freedom, the lack of involvement in office politics, the constant demands of fresh challenges, meeting new people and earning more money.  If this sounds like you,
call Natalie Bell: 07766 305 174

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