Who are they?

Multi-award winning digital creative agency that prioritises engagement over advertising. Put simply, Holler gets people talking about brands. They are best known for their work on Channel 4’s Skins. Holler was the first agency to market a TV show using social media resulting in the highest levels of awareness in Channel 4’s history with 1.6 million viewers at launch! The campaign was ground-breaking and put shows like Lost and 24 into the shade!

Who are their clients?

Absolut, Innocent, Mercedes-Benz, E4, Revlon, Peroni, McDonalds… the list is endless!

What’s their culture like?

Seriously digitally savvy, they live and breathe the digital world and hoover up content like a frustrated housewife! Based in Kensington Village in super cool offices with their own restaurant, Holler is 60-strong and continues to grow!