Pizza Express

Pizza Express-individual

Who are they?

Best known for consistently yummy pizzas, PizzaExpress is a hero brand on the high street – it has over 420 restaurants in the UK and sells 31 million pizzas in retail every year.  Part of the Gondola Group, PizzaExpress trial-blazed the informal dining industry and takes pride in being  first-to-market with innovative ideas and menu concepts such as its award winning app – the first to allow customers to settle their bill using PayPal or a credit/debit card at any point during their meal.

Tell us more…

PizzaExpress don’t just serve up beautiful pizzas in high streets across the UK, they do it abroad too. They have dozens of restaurants around the world serving the same, gorgeous pizzas. And all of them do it in the same, unique style, using fresh, quality ingredients.

What’s their culture like?

Very fast-paced and exciting!  The casual dining market is highly competitive and constantly changing.  Working in the Communications, Marketing and Social teams at PizzaExpress are the most talented of marketers with their fingers on-the-pulse… and very full tummies!