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PR Freelancing: does it rock? Or does it suck?

We’ve always had a steady flow of freelance jobs but the freelance market seems to be picking up, and quickly!  So if you’re a talented PR freelancer looking for your next hot contract, give one of our team a call here or simply email your cv to us here

If you’re thinking of giving PR freelancing a whirl, you should read this first….

The five BEST things about freelance PR

1. You get to choose where and when you work and it certainly sorts the men from the boys in terms of sussing out what types of roles you do and don’t want to do.

2. You’ll gain a breadth of experience that enriches your cv, often coming in at the most exciting phase of a project as it counts down to launch / delivery phase

3. You’ll learn a huge amount in a short time.  You’ll be thrown in at the deep end across a wide variety of clients and industry sectors, which sharpens your skills like nothing else.

4. You’ll build extensive networks of contacts (and friends) as you move around the industry.  Make sure you link in with your new colleagues and never burn your bridges – it’s a surprisingly small world and you’ll almost certainly meet again (some sunny day!).

5. You’ll probably earn more money (see below for the quid pro quos!).


And the five WORST…

1. Having to sort out your own tax and NI.  It might look like your bank account is in rude health but if you forget to save your tax money you’re in for a nasty shock when January rolls around.

2. If you are set up as a limited company or sole trader you won’t get paid holiday, sick leave or benefits so you need to plan a budget if you want to take time off.

3. Fluctuating income.  Some months are great, others less so and managing the ups and downs can be tough.

4. Insecurity.  One week’s notice is all you’re likely to be on.  If it’s you who decides to leave at the end of your contract, while we can help break the news to your client it can feel almost as stressful as resigning a permanent position.

5. No training, appraisals, objectives or target setting – this sounds like heaven to some people, but if you’re the type who likes clear targets and loves the sense of achievement when you reach them this probably isn’t your ideal gig.  If you’re freelance – you’re on your own!


To find out more about the wonderful world of freelancing including the dos and don’ts, click here to read our freelance pages.

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